Loans From Captaincash Ensure Easy Deposit Of Cash Within The Same Business Day

Do you like to take a loan?  Well, no one likes. In fact, people dislike even thinking about taking a loan as it is a burden.  However, there are times that emergences happen and at such time there is a need to have access to cash as quick source. This is the time that you may need loans from Captaincash. This is a place that offers easy access to cash immediately to fulfill your timely needs. The advantage is that the process is simple and there are also many reviews from the clients attesting the process to be secure and simple.

Captaincash assures to deposit cash on any business day, after receiving the approval for your loan application by 2 pm EST. In fact, the process to apply for the loan is simple and you can also see the money appearing in your account the same day. There are no hard and fast rules. To be eligible to avail this loan, there is a need that you should meet criteria that includes:

  • You must be 18 years or more
  • There should be over $1200 as monthly income
  • You should be able to receive cheques or direct deposit from your employer
  • A stable job of 3 months minimum
  • A Canadian citizen with a Canadian bank account that is active for past 3 months minimum.
  • You must not be on the bankruptcy brink or entering into some other consumer proposal.

Also bear in mind that social assistance, child tax, student loan, self employment, private pension, cpp, insurance income and disability income are not accepted to approve your loan application.

Remember that everyone applying for a loan is not considered eligible. In fact, availing bank loans are beneficial as they are traditional and you can avail the required cash, if time is not a real constraint for you. But, the fact cannot be denied that the bank loans take days to weeks to receive approval and if you are looking for a loan to pay a bill immediately or to clear a loan, the bank loans may not help. It will not arrive at your hourly need.

This is the reason that CaptainCash is considered important. This is because when people undergo a bad phase and the credit ratings suffer, CaptainCash is the only place that has easy online applying system for loan through a computer or a phone.

Post Author: Ethen Daniel